Lisa is a young woman whom is a novel writer she lives alone in Bournemouth. One day she invites her close friends to her place, one of her friends suggests to evoke spirits for fun just out of the blue. Even though Lisa didn’t believe in evoking spirits she couldn’t resist the insistence of her friends. So they decided to use the Ouija board. As soon as planchette (eye of the board) moved they wanted to end the session. At that moment the spirit answered on the board there was someone who doesn’t believe in their existence in your house which was Lisa, plus thinking her friends were playing a game on her she was not to bothered, Lisa’s friends who got scared and agitated about all this ends the session and leaves the house.

Next day Lisa’s phone rings. The person on the line was Lisa’s aunt. She says “I feel very depressed can I came and visit you please”

Lisa sees her aunt pale and distressed once she arrives. They chat for a while but the more they spend time the more thoughtfulness and paleness on her face becomes more obvious. Aunt asks to us the restroom, at that moment the phone rings. Lisa’s mother mentions on the phone her aunt passed away after last night’s accident and he adds “Im sorry for our lost” Lisa loses her mind not understanding what is going on at that moment …….

Lisa has been lost since 4th January 1975, which is the exact date when these events are experienced. They say Lisa has been kidnapped by the spirit who changed its identity as her aunt and it has kept her spirit in this house.
Lisa needs you!

We hope only you and your friends can save her from her misery!

June 2023
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